Herbarium Activities

Field visits:

  • Field visit to Hanbal Forest, Hassan district - February 2015.
  • Field visit to Nagapuri Hills, Arsikere, Hassan District & Nagamangala, Mandya district - January 2015.
  • Field visit to Jenkalbetta, Hassan District - December 2014.
  • Thadiandamol, Makut ghat and Kabbe hills, Kodagu District - February 2014.
  • Agumbe, Shimoga District - December 2013.
  • Sidderbetta, Tumkur District - November 2013.
  • Lateritic plateaus along coastal Karnataka - September 2013.
  • Devarayandurga State Forest - October 2012.
  • Bannerghatta National Park - February 2012.
  • Bisle Ghat, Subramanya and Sakleshpur (Western Ghats) - November 2011.


  • Formal launch of the 'Digital Flora of Karnataka' by Sri N. Sivasailam, IAS, Principal Secretary Forest, Ecology and Environment Department Govt. of Karnataka. (Jan 30, 2014)
  • Presentation of the 'Digital Flora of Karnataka' to the faculty and students of Indian Institute of Science. (November-2013).
  • Peer-review of the 'Digital Flora of Karnataka' by eminent Taxonomists (October-2013).
  • Presentation on 'Habitat building through conservation- Role of Informatics', at Poornaprajna Institute of Scientific Research, Devanahalli, Bangalore (July-2013).
  • Presentation of the herbarium-based Database (Flora of Karnataka), to the Research Advisory and Monitoring Committee, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. Of India (April-2013).
  • Presentation of the herbarium-based Database (Flora of Karnataka), at the Conference held by Indian Biodiversity Congress (IBC-2012).

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