Tripogon tirumalae Chorghe, Rasingam, Prasanna & Sankara Rao

  • Family : POACEAE
  • Family (as per The Plant List) : Poaceae
  • Species Name (as per The Plant List) : Not found in Plant list
  • Habit : Perennial Herb
  • Habitat : Grows on rocks
  • Comments / notes : Tripogon tirumalae is currently known from two localities, Tirumala hills in Seshachalam Biosphere Reserve and Penchalakona of Veligonda hill ranges in Andhra Pradesh
  • Key identification features : Ligules are ciliate, membranous; lemma base is bearded, median awn 1.5 times longer than lemma; inflorescence 15–20 cm long & spikelets with 9–10 florets.
  • Flower, Fruit : September
  • Native : India
  • Endemism : Andhra Pradesh
  • World Distribution : India
  • Conservation Status : Data Deficient
  • Literature : Alok Chorghe, L. Rasingam, P. V. Prasanna & M. Sankara Rao (2013). Tripogon tirumalae (Poaceae), a new species from the Seshachalam hills of Andhra Pradesh, India. Phytotaxa 131 (1): 17–22 .
  • Citation : Sankara Rao, K., Raja K Swamy, Deepak Kumar, Arun Singh R. and K. Gopalakrishna Bhat (2019). Flora of Peninsular India. tirumalae. Downloaded on 22 November 2019.


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