Ficus carica L.

  • Family : MORACEAE
    (Mulberry Or Fig Family)
  • Family (Hindi name) : ANJEER FAMILY (अंजीर फैमिली)
  • Family (as per The APG System III) : MORACEAE
  • Synonym(s) : Ficus caprificus Risso
  • Species Name (as per The Plant List) : Ficus carica L.
  • Common name : Common Edible Fig, Edible Fig, Fig Tree
  • Vernacular name : Simaiyatti (Tamil)
  • Habit : Tree
  • Comments / notes : Cultivated
  • Key identification features : Shrub or small tree up to 6 m tall, dioecious, not epiphytic;aerial roots absent. Leaves scabrous above, tomentose to subtomentose beneath. Figs pyriform to subglobose, 2.5cm-6cm in diametre, solitary, axillary from existing or fallen leaves. Fig varies in colour in different stages, changing from yellow-purple to dark reddish-purple.
  • Flower, Fruit : Throughout the year
  • Native : Mediterranean region
  • World Distribution : Asia, Australia, East Medetterranean, North Africa, South Europe and USA
  • Literature : Henry, Kumari & Chithra (1987). Flora of Tamil Nadu, India vol. 2; Seetharam et al., 2000 – Flora of Gulbarga District; Rao & Razi, 1981 – A Synoptic Flora of Mysore District. J.V Sudhakar, N. Chandramohan Reddy, G.V.S Murthy (2017). Figs of Eastern Ghats, India. pp.108-110.
  • Citation : Sankara Rao, K., Raja K Swamy, Deepak Kumar, Arun Singh R. and K. Gopalakrishna Bhat (2019). Flora of Peninsular India. carica. Downloaded on 19 October 2021.

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