Myriophyllum siamense (Craib ) Tardieu

  • Family (Hindi name) : MYRIOPHYLLUM FAMILY
  • Family (as per The APG System III) : HALORAGACEAE
  • Species Name (as per The Plant List) : Myriophyllum siamense
  • Habit : Herbs, semi aquatic
  • Habitat : Ponds and marshes near coast
  • Comments / notes : Myriophyllum siamense (Haloragaceae) is reported for the first time from Odisha in India.
  • Key identification features : The species is having reduced staminate flowers, dicarpic pistillate flowers and a similar emergent, mat-like habit which lacks pinnate leaves. The fruits are having rows of tubercles.
  • Native : Malesia, Southern Thailand, Vietnam, India
  • Endemism : Malesia, Southern Thailand, Vietnam, India
  • World Distribution : Malesia, Southern Thailand, Vietnam, India
  • Conservation Status : Data Deficient
  • Literature : Pramod. C, K.M. Manudev, A.K. Pradeep and Santhosh Nampy (2012). Myriophyllum siamense (Haloragaceae): A new record for India. Rheedea 22(2): 95.
  • Citation : Sankara Rao, K., Raja K Swamy, Deepak Kumar, Arun Singh R. and K. Gopalakrishna Bhat (2019). Flora of Peninsular India. siamense. Downloaded on 1 October 2023.


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