Flora of Peninsular India

Peninsular India and its natural landscapes are home to a variety of vegetation types and a large proportion of plant species of the Indian subcontinent. The peninsula exhibits almost a full spectrum of climatic regions ranging from tropical through subtropical, warm and cool to near temperate, with corresponding changes in the flora. As might be expected in a country possessing several mountain ranges and characteristic rainfall patterns in the world, the effect of these factors on temperature, and consequently on the vegetation, is probably better illustrated in the peninsula than in almost any other part of the globe. The various forest types are the result of integrated effect of ecological factors, namely climate, topography, soil and past history of treatment involving biotic disturbances.

A great wealth of valuable botanical information on the peninsular flora remains imbedded in books and consequently is unavailable to wider public. An attempt has been made to overcome this deficiency in the ‘Flora of peninsular India’ database.


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